Ferry to Dublin

From Dublin or Holyhead

We are here to help you with your crossing from Dublin to Liverpool, a crossing that used to be a P&O Crossing but stopped recently. There are however many alternatives you can use here, the main alternative is the Holyhead to Dublin crossing, run by Stena Line and Irish Ferries.

Why did this ferry stop?

The ferry giant has blamed the move on the unavailability of a berth in Liverpool.

Which is probably true. =)

Stena Line and Irish ferries however have quite a nice alternative, it’s a 2 hour drive to Holyhead, but easy and safe parking. You can spot both these ferries in our booking engine:

The Price that you can expect on this ferry

We know how much hassle a ferry crossing can be, and especially when this is your first crossing you need to know how the check-in works, what you can expect and if you’re allowed to bring your extra large LPG fuelled motorhome on this 8.5 hours ferry trip. We got it all covered!

Dublin to Liverpool ferry prices

If you are travelling to Liverpool to Dublin with a standard vehicle and 2 passengers, you can expect prices from €250 to € 450 for a retour ticket. All depending on the availability.

Two try-out bookings we made from Dublin to Liverpool

Booking to Liverpool

There are two options to book your trip with:

  • Booking directly with the operator of the line
  • Exclusive offers, promotions and competitions

Book here at PO Ferries

Booking with Ferry Comparison Website:

  • Compare all possible alternatives
  • See all times and ships you can take

Book here at Directferries

Whichever option you take, make sure you find out if you need cancellation protection or not. When you book make sure the ticket reflects this need in a good way. If you are unsure: then do pick the more expensive tickets that you can cancel.

Arriving at Liverpool Harbor